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“It is one of the only sports where ifyou screw up you will go unconscious,” said Graves.At the least, a professionalfreediver may suffer dizziness at the suce. At the worst, he or she cansuffer a heart attack and die.You can follow Nitsch this month at the 2009 Freediving World Championships on his blog at herbertnitsch.THE SPERM WHALEYell“Marco” with a sperm whale and you may wait an hour for the spout “Polo.” Thedeepest replica Gucci 21567 Ladie's watch suspected dive from a scientific is quoted at possibly 2000 meters. “It ranks, with the bottlenose whale, other beaked whales and the elephant sealas one of the deepest,

French captain Franck Cammas and his nine-person crew aboard the multi-hulled Groupama 3 have set a new record for the fastest circumnavigation of the globe by sail,crossing the finish line this past Saturday 48 days, 7 hours, 44minutes and 52 seconds after they started back at the end of January, according to theadventureblog.com. This replica Gucci 21580 Ladie's watch new record bests the old one, set in 2005, by over 2 days. By accomplishing the record, the crew earned the Jules Verne Trophy,which goes to the fastest team to circumnavigate the planet. To learn the ropes, check out Chartered Territory from our March 2007 issue.--Stayton Bonner

Nitrogen is squeezed out of his lungs and intohis bloodstream. At extreme depths it can cause nitrogen narcosis, a drunken state affecting judgment. Afterreaching depth and then turning towards the suce his lungs expand. Lower replica Gucci 21528 Watch concentrations of oxygen and higher concentrations of carbon dioxide in expanding space may triggerpanic and cause convulsions. Even an experienced diver like Nitsch can black out fromshock, or from an actual lack of oxygen.

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The watch has an alligator strap in either brown of black. Retail price of the steel version is a reasonably $3,000 and you can find it for a bit less online sometimes.See this IWC Portofino watch available on James List here.Written by Mr. replica Gucci 21530 Ladie's watch Ariel Adams Longio Asamara Tourbillon 1" To my knowledge, Longio is one of the only Chinese watch brands trying to push and market their tourbillon Replica watchesaggressively. I reviewed one of their Telamon 1000m Tourbillon Dive watches here, and originally discussed Longio Chinese tourbillon watches here.

While the average person’sheart rate may slow when their face hits cold water, Nitsch has gone a stepbeyond. “He’s so adapted when he takes out his wet suit and smells thatneoprene his heart rate starts to drop,” says Grant Graves, the replica Gucci 21565Watch former vicepresident of AIDA North America.As hedescends, the ocean adds 14.7 pounds of pressure per square inch every 33 feet.Blood moves from his extremities to his internal organs. His spleen contractsand forces oxygencarrying red blood cells into his blood stream. His heartbeatslows more to save oxygen. All the while pressure causes his lungs to contract.

During his 2007 world record No Limit depth of 214 meters (or roughly 700 feet), his lungs were something like the sizeof tangerines.Nitsch constantly has to check hishead because his body is sending his brain confusing messages on gas replica Gucci YA015545 Ladie's watch levels. As his lungs shrink his body tells his brain that it has more oxygen than it actually does, because of the increased concentration in a small space. if not the deepest diver,” said Woods Hole researchspecialist Michael Moore.

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Overall, the size of the watch makes for a very easy to wear timepiece. The movement is the IWC Calibre 30110 automatic, which is a base ETA 2829 2 automatic (with seconds hacking). Being one of the less expensive IWC watches around, it doesn't have an in house made movement like higher end IWC watches. In addition to the steel replica Gucci YA015546 Ladie's watch cased version, there is a rose gold version as well (that is of course much more money). Unless you get a spectacular deal on a gold version, this is a watch that I recommend looking at in steel.

The Mountainfilm festival is an important place where that question – and the other question that it disguises of whether we each matter– gets looked at closely. That’s why I think films like The Cove that played at MF last year, and presentations by people like Ben Skinner, who spoke passionately about modern human slavery, are so vital – they cut to the heart of the modern dilemma of individuals wanting to make a difference replica Gucci 21521 Watch against overwhelming odds. I believe that facing these issues head-on is a critical step toward the kind of action we all know we need to take.

While the elephant seal may have the easiest time diving, it raises the question: What animal dives the deepest?Herbert Nitsch vs The Sperm WhaleHERBERT NITSCHYou can maybehold your breath for two minutes. Nitsch tops nine. The “Flying Fish” works asan airplane pilot and dives in his off time—training and competing enough replica Gucci 21570 Ladie's watch tohave set 25 world records in seven of the eight freediving disciplines during his career. His goal by 2010, is to freedive to 300 meters, or 1,000 feet.While the average person has a lungcapacity of four to five liters, a trained freediver can double that. Nitschtrains weeks ahead of a world record attempt by staying underwater forincreasing periods of time at increasing depths.

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A date indicator window helps remind you that the watch is a tool, not just an experiment in minimalist design. All Replica IWC watches feel like tools before anything else. Which I think is one of the reasons the brand is so popular world replica Gucci YA015540 Ladie's watch wide.Modest in size, the Portofino is 39mm wide and just 8.6mm thick. Prior to 2007, Portofino watches were a bit smaller at 38mm wide. So if you are looking for a piece, keep the year of production in mind when looking at the

Eric Larsen is now in Chile, preparing for his expedition to the South Pole as part of his Save the Poles project, which will involve a yearlong expedition to the ends of the Earth and the summit of Mount Everest to raise awareness of global replica Gucci YA015507 Ladie's watch warming. Larsen is trying to get as much sleep as he can to prepare for the journey, according to his blog. Hes also stocking up on food180 soup packets, 180 Rittersport candybars, 36 salamis, four bottles of olive oil, and 20 packages of butter, to be exact. You can read Outsides interview with Larsen in the November issue. Aileen Torres

One of the best sources for the coolest, and quirkiest, scientific news is Henry Fountains Observatory column for The New York Times. It comes out weekly in Science Times, one of the last big concentrated science sections in a major . This replica Gucci YA015548 Ladie's watch week he called out an interesting study that suggests elephant seals may rest, or even sleep, while they dive. Picture a dead leaf falling off a tree and floating to the ground. Its a great way for the seals to increase efficiency as they may spend up to 90 percent of their time in the ocean diving.


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I went from a zero to a hero. I rode my bike at the top of the velodrome and then swooshed down to the inner bank, picking up speed with each turn. I didnt fall. I raced full speed. I lapped other riders with a maniacal sort of zeal.Then DeBoom lapped me. I stopped counting after he passed me the 20th time. My zeal instantly eradicated. This morning, he took us on a six-mile trail run. I lost sight of him before mile marker one. If that werent Replica Ulysse Nardin watches embarrassing enough, PowerBar is throwing me on a treadmill in two hours, putting a Hannibal Lector-like face mask on me, and me sprint uphill until Im ready to pass out, all to see if my VO2 max ranks with that of an elite endurance athlete like DeBoom,

American climber Dave Hahn reached the peak of Everest for the tenth time on Monday, setting a record for summits by a non-Sherpa. The Taos, New Mexico resident and Outside correspondent called down from the top of Everest at 7:26 am, according to his team at IMG.Hahn might have another summit under his belt, but in 2001 he abandoned his Replica Vacheron Constantin watches quest to rescue climbers near the peak. Last year, after a successful summit he rescued another climber on his way back down the mountain.The overall record for summits is held by Appa, with 18.--Joe Spring

The pilot of a small plane that crashed in Denali National Park Wednesday, October 14, has been found alive after walking 20 miles through the back country, according to KTUU. After receiving severe burns from the wreck, Daniel McGregor, 35, made his way swiss replica watches from the crash site to a camp at Igloo Creek, where campers gave him food and water. They then took him to Denali Air, where he works during the summer. Wellknown wolf biologist Gordon Haber died in the crash.Dave Costello